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Friday, December 4, 2015


Please take a few moments to read about my amazing niece and her love for faith and her son.
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Their Story;
Craig and Hannah Chaney were told that they could never have children, but that didn't stop their faith in God.  Samuel "Kase" was born August 28, 2015 after his mommy had been on bed rest for a month at home and another month in the hospital.  He had a minor set back when he swallowed amniotic fluids during the C-section.  Kase spent a week in the NICU, but came home healthy and happy.  Soon after being brought home, Kase started getting fussy, he'd get upset and cry, sometimes he'd turn red and even a little blue around his lips.  He caught a virus, went to the ER and there was admitted to UK Children's Hospital.  They saw the fussing and said it was just a fit and nothing to worry about.  As time progressed the "FITS" grew worse and worse.  He began losing air and turning blue all over.  On October 14th, Kase was happy and smiling, about 10 a.m. his mommy laid him down and picked him back up.  He let out two cries and turned completely BLUE all over.  He went stiff from head to toe, his mommy tried to stimulate him but he went limp, so she administered rescue breathing.  He gasped for air and his eyes dilated.  He was taken to the ER at UK again.  Here he had episode after episode that night.  He was bagged for oxygen 8-10 times and admitted him to the PICU (pediatric intensive care).  He's been there five days where they did x-rays, 2 eegs, ekg, barium swallow, bloodwork and various other tests.  Those  doctors feel he has acid reflux and something called complex cyno BHS or breath holding spells (which is an involuntary reaction of the brain, basically it's his brains reaction to pain-even a belly ache can trigger it).  They are using medication for reflux and changing his formula (which is $85.00 a can )and adding iron for the BHS.  He will take home a monitor to use at night to alert mom and dad if he stops breathing.  Today, October 20th Kase is to have an MRI and we hope the those results remove any doubt of prognosis, they want to ensure there is nothing in the brain causing this.  The extensive medical stay has been unforseen burden on this family.  Kase's Mom and Dad did not request that I established this fund.  I just know hospital stays, especially intensive care can be extremely costly.  Dad is a full time farmer and mom is a full time teacher. However, she hasn't been able to teach yet due to the bed rest and maternity leave,  She will have to pay back many of those missed days on top of these new bills.  First, I ask that you pray for this family , my niece  and second we ask you to consider blessing them through this fund.  We pray that you will be blessed in return.