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Monday, July 18, 2011



"Dream is a semi-conscious state where we have absolutely no control over our thoughts and expressions (unless we master lucid dreaming). Did you know that most of us spend six years or more of our lifetime dreaming? Research proves that all of us dream at least twice or more in our sleep though we may not remember when we get up. In 5 minutes of waking, half of our dream is forgotten and within 10 minutes, almost all dreams are forgotten. People who are blind from birth too dream. It is just that the dreams of these individuals are formed by other sense such as the touch, smell, sound and taste. During roman era some dreams were even discussed and interpreted in the senate as the dream was considered to be a God sent message for the mankind. Lucid dreams are considered those dreams where person can take full or partial control of their dreams. Most important fact in order to be aware that we are dreaming is practice. Writing down and keeping track of your dreams is very important. Second thing is noticing signs or triggers that can help us stay aware that we are in dreaming state. Once we start dreaming lucidly we could control the imaginary experiences in the dream environment. This is extremely important for people that have nightmares. Interesting facts is that our body is paralyzed during our sleep probably to prevent the body from acting out dreams".


Math has always been a hard subject for my kids.  I found a site that is free that reviews addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. I'll post more helpful sites as I find them. 


My family loves movies....so my husband and I went on a date and we saw Bridesmaids, I know it's kinda of an old movie but we do the cheap movies.....I just don't have the heart to shell out $8.00-10.00 for a new movie when I can spend that extra money at the flea market or MORE SUNDAY PAPERS FOR EXTRA COUPONS.....
We really enjoyed watching Bridesmaids and my husband didn't even fall asleep....woo hooo.  The last movie he fell asleep and snored really LOUD...my kids were like OMG...and were totally embarrassed.  I guess Kung Fu Panda wasn't interesting to him. 


I have found another way to spend some time other than clipping coupons...which I LOVE....I have found a flea market that I love going to  The picture below is one of my awesome finds.  I only paid $5.00 and I LOVE IT!  Plus I got a lot of records and one is the WALTONS Christmas Album...the cover is worn out but the album itself looks great....We also saw a rotery telephone and my kids was kinda shocked it was a phone, they was like how to you use it....omg..At this point I was feeling a tad bit OLD...

Last Friday I also went to an estate auction with my 16 year daughter.  I think she had more fun than I did, she kept trying to take my number an bid on things.  She said next time she wants her own number.