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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I am so loving the south, Tennessee people are AMAZINGLY FRIENDLY. There are many attractions and finally I feel like I AM HOME. Moving is very hard on a family. I have three daughters so the move wasn't just affecting my hubby and I. I have a freshman in college, a freshman in high school and a 5th grader, ALL GIRLS and two dogs! My hubby says that's is why he is bald. So far my kiddos have been adjusting well. My middle daughter main concern was "OMG who am I gonna sit with at lunch" Well my idea...was to get a job in the cafeteria and I could eat with her....LOL She really didn't like that idea. I honestly feel being a parent you need to torture your kids every now and then.

Our main reason for the move was our oldest daughter was having health issues. After we moved to Pennsylvania she began having terrible pain all over her body. Then she was in 9th grade. She was told she wasn't hurting and it was in her head We saw every doctor that ended in OLOGIST .Finally almost 5 years later she has been diagnosed with FIBROMYALGIA. She was taking so many medications and I was giving her a weekly injection. Ummm by the way I am needle phobic. But I had to learn to do it for my daughter. This chronic pain has made her life change so much. She had to stop playing sports, but she was determined to play soccer. And she played, but with pain everyday. She said that ICY HOT/BEN GAY was her new perfume. When it was cold and she had a game she would have Icy Hot patches down her thighs to keep her muscles warm. She is now in college and doing much better but she is never without pain. Put it this way when she was in Physical Theraly a 65 year old man out stretched her. She can't extend her legs and arm with out them shaking and trembling. She and I play a game every day she will text me how old she feels. Some days it's 180 and some days she feel her own age 19. She has a good outlook and lives life everyday to the fullest all except putting her clothes away. Her boyfriend took her skydiving and she LOVED IT! Her only wish was to play soccer at a college level. She wrote an essay about how FIBROMYALGIA took her dream away and how it wasn't her choice not to play and how unfair it is. But she is continues to play soccer in an adult co-ed league and it keeps her moving.

My middle daughter keeps me laughing everyday. One day we were driving down the road and saw a cross on the side of the express way and she said "Mom why would someone bury someone on the side of the road" it took me a minute, and I had to explain how it was a memory marker where someone may of had a car accident or something to that extent! She wants to get her permit and that scares the heck out of me.

My little one is 10 and a NCIS freak. She is sneaky and keeps my on my toes. We were in a hurry to leave and of course slow poke didnt have her shower yet so I told her to get in and hurry. So days later my oldest fessed up that my little one didnt shower that day. She took water and put puddles on the floor and just let the shower run and she rolled up clean clothes in a towel and brought them down to the laundry room so we would think she showered and she had a sweat shirt on with a hood..with her hood up I thought "OH she has her hood up because her hair is wet and its cold.....Grrr sometimes she is toooo smart for ME.

Wow I didnt mean to blog so much....SORRY!!!
I will keep the freebies coming and drop me a comment!!!

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