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Monday, May 24, 2010


Well after this week I will have a sophmore in college, a sophmore in highschool and a 6th grader! It's amazing how fast time goes. Sometimes I wish I had a pause button just to take a little break from my kiddos growing up to fast. I once told my sister I couldn't wait till my kids were older so I wouldn't have to worry so much.....New flash to ME..I think as they get older you worry more. You worry about them drving and making good decisions when they are out and about throughout the day! I have to toot my own horn...my kids are wonderful young ladies, yes all three are girls. Poor hubby he blames us for his hair loss! My oldest works, goes to college and has everyday pain with Fibromyalgia. My middle one is natually funny, she will laugh 30 minutes after a joke has been told and Im glad she can always make me smile! My little one runs the house so she thinks. I count my blessing of how wonderful my kids are everyday, except when I asked them to clean their rooms. Then I say "should I turn off the cell phones" and everything gets WONDERFUL again....The joy of parenting!!!

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