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Tuesday, July 12, 2011



     Growing up money was very tight.  My father worked hard at a local steel company and after 43 years of hard work and dedication he retired ONLY making $8.43 cents an hour. My fathers only went to the 3rd grade and my mom, was a homemaker and took care of the family, she only went to the 6th grade.  Looking back I wondered how in the heck did my father and mom, buy things for holidays and pay for our weddings on such a tight budget.
     I have learned many things about stretching my money,  but one thing I consistently do is SAVE MY CHANGE.....My father had many words of wisdom that I follow today. One is never break a promise, because if a person word is no good then that says alot about their character.  My most favorite thing I learned from my parents was to never spend my CHANGE. I remember many Sundays sitting watching wrestling on television after church, rolling pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. It was kinda of our Sunday family fun day lol....
     I remember a time my father was having severe teeth pain the poor man only had 4 teeth left.  So he went to the dentist and had them removed and decided he wanted to get dentures.  Can you guess how be paid for his dentures?  He paid for them with the change we had been rolling on Sunday after church.
    I have a glass jar that my husband and I place our change in.  I try to save my change from school year to school year.  Then when time comes to buy school supplies I have all my money ready to go.  I just compare prices and shop.. shop...shop....or if the kids are wanting some spending money for vacation we count the coins and divide the money between the kids.  It shows them that every penny counts and add up!

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