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Monday, October 24, 2011


My daughter and I went to the library to grab her a book to read for school...I was browsing the internet when she came running to me and said, "Mom they have coupon and money saving books"...Well I just had to check them out!

The books are called: Five Hundred Little Ways Penny Saving Household Helper, by Rebecca Diliberto
                                 Point, Click and $ave, by Rachel Singer Gordon

I glanced at these books and they had some really great tips on saving money and actually earning income online.  That seemed LEGIT....

Everyday I will try to post a few ways they suggest that will $ave money and what they suggest you can do to earn you some extra income!

I also grabbed some cook books while I was there. I walked out with 6 books.  Leaving the library my daughter looks at me and then put her book in front of her face like she was embarrassed.  I asked her, "whats wrong"  with an ALMOST TEENAGER LOOK ON HER FACE SAID....omg did you have to get the whole library and cook books at that.

Well I guess COOKBOOKS are now embarrassing to almost soon to be teenagers.  GESH...I need help to keep myself updated on what not to embarrass your kids with...On the other hand....maybe I should of gotten MORE BOOKS!  There is always next time!!!

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