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Monday, January 9, 2012


Having 3 teenage girls there is not a day that does by that my girls don't need something.....It's kinda like they have a daily need calendar and everyday they say, "OK, today is Monday let me see what's on MY NEED CALENDAR for the day....

Today I went to the DOLLAR TREE and scored these makeup brushes for $1.00 each...I was super excited and sad at the same time, because I just bought my 12 years old a blush makeup brush for $5.99 on sale....Grrrrr.....

I decided to grab 3 of each brush, because this month or next month I am POSITIVE they will need these....IF NOT...I put it in the Christmas 2012 shopping bags for the girls....shhhhhh

At $1.00 each you can't go wrong!

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