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Friday, May 18, 2012


Today I took my Lhasa Poo to get snipped.  I honestly should of had it done sooner, he is almost a year old.  For the last month he has been using our pool table legs as a fire hydrant. So I am praying this will help with him from marking his area.....

I just returned home with Mylo and holy smokes NO wonder people don't have their pets neutered/spayed it cost me a fortune $271.50...I honestly, didn't ask the price which was totally stupid on my behalf but....gesh.....I honesty didn't think it would cost me my whole paycheck. ...I seriously only made for two weeks $271.55....I only work 2 days a week (to get adult conversation) so lets so do the math.....Two weeks of work, 2 days a week equals 4 days and after MYLO SNIPPING  I made a whopping $.05..

If they only had coupons for snipping your pets....

GO ME!!!

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