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Sunday, November 3, 2013


Dear hubby and I had a HALLOWEEN PARTY and he is NOT the dressing up type of guy--needless to say Halloween is my favorite HOLIDAY..YES.. HALLOWEEN is a holiday to ME..
He wanted nothing to do with the costumes so it was up to me. I decided I wanted us to be a zombie bride and groom.  I watched many makeup YouTube videos..and that help alot.  What would we do without YOUTUBE VIDEOS???

In the beginning before I blended the makeup my youngest daughter who is 14 came in and looked at the beginning stages and said "um Mom, it's OK if you don't do a good job your supposed to look weird" I thought seriously I just started and hadn't began blending the makeup yet!!! GESH....have some faith in MOMMA...  Needless to say I was very happy with the outcome of both our makeup and costumes.  Hubby was even impressed, we went to his work and NO ONE knew who we were--we had a blast!  I even WON most scariest.. The great part was my daughter went to a football game and we had to pick up across the street..Imagine that!! heheheh she was embarassed..

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