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Thursday, September 16, 2010


These are just adorable. I used to make these for my daughters kingergarten class and they were a huge hit! A great inexpensive craft for the little ones!


Use Tooties Roll Pops, or other round, sucker style lollipops, as the base for tissue paper ghosts for Halloween. I perfer the flat lollies!

Lollipop Ghosts

You will need:

■one round Tootie Roll Pop or round sucker lollipop for each ghost

■one or two white tissues

■pair of plastic movable eyes and a dab of glue or black marker for the eyes

■black marker for the mouth

■small piece of yarn or thin ribbon - any color will do, but orange or black are more traditional for Halloween

Halloween Ghost Craft Project


1. Place a tissue down flat on your work surface. If using two tissues, lay the second one on top of the first on an angle, so that the corners of both tissues can all be seen.

2. Place your round lollipop in the middle of the tissues and gently gather the tissues around the head of the lollipop.

3. Tie a small piece of yarn or thin ribbon just below the head of the lollipop to make the ghost's head. You can make a bow with the yarn if you wish, or just tie it and cut off the long ends.

4. If using plastic eyes, add a dab of glue to the back of eye and gently press into place. If you prefer to draw all the facial features, just use a black marker to dab on two circle eyes and a larger circle shape for the mouth.

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