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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

School Sports.....

Does anyone else have the same feelings......I totally think school sports are so political. I mean when you have all the moms lets say, "for soccer"....they all want to see who can volunteer the most...Just drives me FREAKIN NUTS! I want my daughter to play for her talent not that I donated money or items to sell. We are new to an area and for heavens sakes it so hard for her to get playing time. Her current club team is coached by a college girls soccer team... I mean before we moved she played for 2 club teams and never came out of the game. I dont understand. You may think ahh manybe I could just mention to coach..oh NO that only makes matters worse. Plus soccer back home was more competitive. I hate seeing kids who love someting lose their love because of a sport or a coach. There is one girl on my daughters team who only plays 3 minutes the entire game. I mean having 26 girls on a team is one thing, but to do that to a player is ridicilous. Politics should be left in Washington. Not at our kids schools sports.
GEESHHH people get a life!

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