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Sunday, July 8, 2012


I have like 10 of those store saving cards (the key rings cards) I decided to download this app because my dear husband took my car to work the other day and left me his.  He needed the bigger vehicle for that day.  I was going to CVS to do some shopping and use my coupons to grab some deals.

 I get to the store in a GOOD MOOD and then went to place MY keys into my coupon bag and was like HOLY SMOKES.... he has my keys...I was super MAD to say the least..He had all my store key ring cards....I had all my deals worked out and only needed a few more dollars to grab one of their summer gas cards.... That threw everything off!!!  GRRRRRRR  One rule don't mess with momma's coupons.... wahahaha

So I called him to say ummm honey you have my keys and I'm at CVS coupon-ing.... he honestly LAUGHED... I am usually a calm person..I was like, I don't find that funny...So, I went to try to use my phone number, but I have moved to 3 different states in 6 years so a phone number wouldn't work... The cashier gave me a new card and told me to call on Monday and have them take my balances from the new card and put on my old card....So in the end it worked out!!!

WOW that was a long story to just post this awesome phone APP!!!! hehehe
I then treated myself to a LARGE LATTE and used his bank card! wahahaha


TODAY...I took him couponing and he added $5.00 to my Out of pocket expense....grrrrr ---needless to say I'm not taking him anymore....

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