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Sunday, July 8, 2012


Last summer, for a few months I lived on a working farm with the best landlords ever!..We were moving to Maryland from Tennessee and our house sold quickly and we still had a few month of school left for the girls.  We tried to stay in a extended stay hotel and OMG that didn't work! NO closet, people jumping above you at 2:00 in the morning..

My husband remembered one his friends had a old restored farm house that was empty.  They gladly let us rent it.  I was to happy to be out of the little hotel room with two kids....The lady and man who worked on their farm were older and every morning they were up, working a the crack of dawn.  It being summer--- it was dreaded hot!   

I got on the internet and goggled what I could make to keep them cooler...I was so excited when I found these cool neck ties.  I went and bought my supplies and made them a couple. They were so thankful and loved them....I got the directions from HERE  BELOW IS A PICTURE OF WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE...  These have so many uses, picnics, sports, mowing, and GIFTS.. the use is endless..They are so cheap to make!!

picture borrowed from google images.

1 yard of cotton fabric that is at least 42" wide and a maximum of 45". This will make 8 ties
Wash the fabric before use.
Water absorbing polymers these are available at hardware's for gardening or you can purchase them at Watersorb http://www.watersorb.com. If ordering from Watersorb, order the medium granules.
A tape measure.
Sewing machine.
1. Cut or tear strips 4 1/2" wide by the fabric width eg. 45".
2. Fold fabric in half, right sides together, on the long edge sew the long seam.
3. Turn over and iron.
4.Mark the centre and stitch along it. Now you have a tube about 2" wide and 42" - 45" long.
5. Drop in 1/8 tsp of crystals on each side of the seam. You can roll up a piece of paper to use as a funnel to make it easier.
IMPORTANT: At first only make a test tie with the brand of polymers you're using to make sure its the correct amount after it's soaked.
6. Mark 4 1/2" from the centre and seam again.
Now you have 2 pockets with crystals.
7. Add another 1/8 tsp of in both sides and seam 4 1/2 inches from the first set of seams again. You will now have 4 pockets. Hopefully!!
8. Fold in raw edges and sew across to finish. If you prefer you can make the ends diagonal.
Care instructions:
  • Place in cold water approx 30 min, until crystals become gel.
  • Tie around head or neck. Tie will be more effective if placed in the refrigerator before use or soaked in ice cold water.
  • Regenerate by soaking 1-3 minutes.
  • Do not freeze
  • Dehydrate to store
  • Hand wash only with a mild soap

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