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Monday, August 1, 2011


We decided to head to Myrtle Beach, because our oldest daughters boyfriends uncle had a house we could use for FREE that was about 15 minutes from the beach.  WELP...Having all girls it's VERY hard to plan a beach vacation.  The first day we went to a Water Park called MYRTLE WAVES...we all had a great time.  Being that I am a NON SWIMMER, I am terrified of water...I took the plunge and did a few slides and prayed to GOD the whole entire time...I feel like I miss out on so much fun not knowing how to swim.  I need to take lessons, but im 40...I dont want to be in swim lessons with 4&5 years olds. Wonder if  I could learn in my bath tub...hehehe...

It was terribly HOT and rained off and on.  Plus Myrtle Beach was not our favorite beach it is NOT a family beach (just my opinion).  I saw LOTS of things that should of been covered up....hehehehe.  We prefer Ocracoke Island, this place is so secluded it's AMAZING...if you are looking for a family beach and just want to get away this is it!...We went there 2 years in a row and the best part my kids had NO CELL PHONE RECEPTION.....well....until one day we were at the beach and hubby asked one the girls to hold the beach unbrealla until he could stick it in the ground.  Low and behold if my daughter cells phone didnt ring.  I guess it was because she was holding onto the metal pole.IDK ..So that time at the beach was spent with 3 kids taking turns holding onto the BIG umbrealla pole, Gotta love the fun memories... We also love  Hilton Head.

While there we attended some shows that kept us busy, went to wonder works and did some shopping at the outlets. We grabbed the kids school shoes at the nike outlet while we were there  I think the kids most enjoyed playing WII together.  All in all it was an good vacation..

Where did everyone go this summer?

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