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Saturday, August 6, 2011


I just got my Ulta Sales ad in the mail today.  I love how they have the perfume sniffy samples inside the ad. 
They had the new Justin Bieber-Someday perfume.  Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised......It smelled really nice, a light floral scent that wasn't overpowering.  This will definately be one of the goodies for my daughters that I may borrow from time to time for Christmas!  All I can say, is that he has a really good strategy and marketing team.....Wish I could borrow them.....GO JUSTIN!!! woot woot

It also had the DKNY-Golden Delicious...I LOVE THIS.....I will be begin now..... leaving hints for my husband so hopefully by Christmas he will know what to get me....If all else fails----I will buy it for myself and wrap it from Santa....


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women pheromones said...

My teenage cousin has three bottles of this perfume. Gosh she really loves JB! :)